10 Things To Look For When Tracking Your Home Business Internet Marketing Results

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Tracking the results of your home business Internet marketing campaign can be crucial to the success of your enterprise. Webmasters who don't track their advertising results on a regular basis run the risk of pouring their money into a sink hole of negative effects all the while wondering why they aren't getting traffic and making sales. When this happens you are on the fast track to financial disaster and the only way to avoid it is to revamp you're entire Internet marketing strategy.

Any home business owner online who tracks the end results of the various forms of advertising campaigns they are running knows at a glance what's working and what's not and can adjust their strategy accordingly to attain the desired outcome. Anyone who isn't following what's happening with their ads is essentially running their enterprise with their head in the sand and just hoping what they are doing works.

Any Internet marketer worth his salt will tell you that for any advertisement to be successful it needs constant experimenting, changing, tweaking and testing until you finally find the best combination. When you see traffic coming to your website you should know where it's coming from. Is it the result of a banner ad you placed, a forum post, a classified ad you submitted, an article you wrote, an ezine ad or is it a result of your email marketing campaign.

In order for your Internet marketing campaign to eventually become successful and produce the targeted traffic, sales and profits your home business needs to be viewed a success you need to know the answers to the following questions about your advertising strategy:

1. Which of your ads received the best response in terms of traffic, subscriptions to your email list and sales?

2. Which of the many article directories you submit to send you the most visitors via your back links?

3. Which of the many ezines online are the most profitable for your business?

4. Whether or not your free classified ad postings work?

5. Do your animated banners produce better results than your static ads?

6. Which of your article topics produce the best results and elicit the most response?

7. Which one of your ezine ads is most effective?

8. Is one forum providing you more targeted traffic than the others and if so how many visitors and which forum?

9. Is your email marketing campaign working and if so which of your sales letters is garnering the biggest response?

10. Why are you receiving so much non targeted traffic and which ad is sending these uninterested visitors to your home business website?

In order to get the answer to these and any other questions you may have about your Internet marketing strategy and to really know the effectiveness of each and every advertising tactic you employ you have to use an ad tracking program.

With these answers you can then revamp your campaign and eliminate any strategies which are only a drain on your profits and intensify your efforts with your most successful techniques. This will increase the odds of online success for your home based business exponentially.
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10 Things To Look For When Tracking Your Home Business Internet Marketing Results

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This article was published on 2010/11/03