Questions to Ask Before Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

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If there is a list of questions to ask before starting an email marketing campaign, what are they? What do you really need to be able to create a successful email marketing campaign?

In this article, you are going to discover 3 specific, goal oriented action questions you need to ask just before you begin on your email campaign.

You must know the goal you wish to achieve, you have to determine the period of time for your marketing campaign and you'll have to stick to the plan. With that, let's begin.

First, you have to know the goal you wish to achieve. Many people tend to think very little of a doing a proper email campaign simply because it is free and so easy to create. You have to put in some serious thought if you want to achieve a certain goal.

For example, are you planning to achieve a certain number of sales? How much do you want to make? Within a period of how many days? Which leads me to my next point.

You have to determine the period of time you wish to do your marketing. It is statistically proven that people do not buy from the very first mail but buy rates tend to increase from the fifth mailing onwards. A common mistake many people tend to make is thinking that 1 or 2 is enough - that is incorrect.

This mistake is made mostly by newbies (and sometimes even veterans) who do not have a real belief in what they are promoting. They feel if they try to sell more than once, they don't have belief in the product or service they are recommending. That is also an incorrect assumption.

You must, I repeat, you must send people consistently to an offer to remind them of what they want. In fact, it is not uncommon to have people buy even after they have been on the list for 2 years! But due to consistent emails and reminders, these people eventually buy.

Finally, stick to the plan and just do it. There are also many people who are great planners and dreamers but when it comes to the doing, they draw back... they retreat. Do not do that. Once you have drawn up the plan, put it into action.

So, now that you know about these questions to ask before starting an email marketing campaign, be sure to apply this and incorporate it into your campaigns for great success!

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Questions to Ask Before Starting an Email Marketing Campaign

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This article was published on 2010/03/29